How Do You Play Disc Golf?


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Disc golf is played by throwing a plastic flying disc at a series of targets set up in a course. The Professional Disc Golf Association has set rules about disc weight, height and style of targets as well as the distance players must stand from the target when making a throw.

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  1. Tee off

    Players stand in a designated area on the disc golf course when making the initial throw at a target. This area is usually a concrete or plastic pad with a perimeter of about 30 feet. The player must keep at least one foot on the pad while making a throw.

  2. Make follow-up throws

    The spot where the disc lands after it has been thrown marks the place it must be thrown from for a subsequent throw. The player scores when the disc lands in the basket attached to the goal associated with the hole he is playing.

  3. Track score on a scorecard

    Score a game of disc golf in much the same way as a game of regular golf. The final score is determined by the number of throws it takes for each player to hit the target. The winner is the player who has taken the fewest throws to complete the course.

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