What Are Some Places You Can Hunt Hogs in Florida?

places-can-hunt-hogs-florida Credit: Guylain Doyle/Lonely Planet Images/Getty Images

Wild hog hunting is allowed throughout Florida's 67 counties. The animals prefer damp, forested areas and swamps. Large concentration of hogs live around Lake Okeechobee, between the Kissimmee and St. Johns rivers, and along the northern coastal marshes of the Gulf of Mexico, says iHunt Florida.

Hog hunting occurs on private and public lands. Though they are not native to the area, due to Florida's favorable climate, hogs have a large population throughout the state. As a result, these animals are the second most hunted large animal in the state, says the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Homeowners often build fences and trap nuisance animals and bring them to private land owners, who release the animals and allow hunters to shoot on their property.

Hog Hunting on private lands occurs year round in Florida. With permission of the landowner, hunters need no permits to take hogs. Hunters trap or shoot the animals with any legal gun or bow. No restrictions exist on the number or sex of the animals that are taken on private lands.

On public lands, hog hunting carries more restrictions. Hunters must apply for and receive permits to hunt in Wildlife Management Areas. Hunters must also use appropriate weapons during certain seasons, such as bows and muzzle loaders. In some areas, hunters must adhere to numerical limits on hogs. At night, hunters must avoid using guns and lights.