What Is the Placement of the BSA Patches?

Several standard patches are placed in the same areas of every uniform of the Boy Scouts of America, according to the organization's insignia guide. Standard patches go on the right sleeve, left sleeve, right pocket and left pocket. Merit badges mainly go on a sash worn over the right shoulder, but six of them may be worn on the right sleeve above the cuff.

On the right sleeve, a patch of the American flag is placed below the shoulder seam. Directly below the flag patch is the patrol emblem and below that is a patch designating a National Patrol Honor Award. On the left sleeve, the multicolored council patch goes below the shoulder seam. Then the red and white troop numerals go directly beneath the council patch. Rank patches within a troop, such as senior patrol leader, patrol leader or bugler, are sewn onto the left sleeve below the troop digits.

On the left pocket is the patch designating the rank of the boy, from scout up to eagle. Below the left pocket is the Arrow of Light award for Cub Scouts. Above the left pocket is the purple and white world crest. Patches for the Order of the Arrow go on the right pocket flap. Above the right pocket is the patch that says "Boy Scouts of America" in red lettering. Special event patches may be worn on the right pocket.