How Do You Pitch in Slow Pitch Softball?


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As of 2014, the rules of slow-pitch softball require the pitcher to face home plate throughout the pitch, show the ball for at least one second before the throwing motion and throw the ball underhanded. The throw must be made within five seconds and it is required to have an arc of between 3 and 10 feet.

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In slow-pitch softball, the pitcher's mound is 50 feet away from the home plate. The pitcher may begin his throw from up to 6 feet behind the mound, but when the ball is released the pitcher's pivot foot must be touching the plate.

Grip varies based on the pitcher, but the circle grip is a popular grip and good for beginners. The circle grip is formed by gripping the widest part of the ball with the thumb and index finger. The remaining fingers are on the ball below the index finger, and the hand forms a half circle.

A standard pitching technique is swinging the throwing arm back, then stepping forward with the opposite leg as the hand comes forward. The ball is released with the palm up when the arm passes by the hip, and the arm should follow through with the throw. Releasing the ball later causes it to arc higher, while releasing it earlier gives it more speed.

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