How Do You Pitch Faster?


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To pitch faster, combine strength-training and stretching exercises with long-toss drills to strengthen the throwing arm. Also work to improve arm speed, which aids in delivering faster pitches.

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To strengthen your arm and add speed, perform a long-toss drill on days when you are not pitching, or use the drill twice a week in the off-season. The long-toss drill involves throwing to a partner and slowly increasing the throwing distance from 60 feet to a maximum of 180 feet over a 12-minute period. Throw with minimal arc, and let the ball take a bounce if necessary. Throw at 45 feet for the last minute of the drill to cool down.

Pitchers also develop more speed by focusing on the fastball rather than breaking balls. Change-ups, curve balls and sliders use a slower arm speed, making the throwing arm more accustomed to slower pitches.

Strength-training begins in the off-season when pitchers can lift heavier weights because they aren't throwing on a daily basis. During the season, lift only 3 to 5 pounds at a time. In addition to weights, perform push-ups and sit-ups to tone the upper body. Running is highly recommended to improve general physical fitness. Stretch for 10 to 15 minutes before and after every game.

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