How Do You Pitch a Baseball?


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Pitch a baseball from the stretch position, with your back foot on the rubber and your glove-side shoulder facing home plate. The primary movements are to lift the lead leg, power up the back leg, and then drive to home plate.

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  1. Get in the stretch position

    If you're a right-handed person, put your right foot next to the pitching rubber so that your shoulders make a line toward home plate. Once you have decided what pitch to throw, bring your pitching hand together with the baseball in the glove.

  2. Lift the lead leg

    Lift the leg that is closest to home plate so that your knee comes above your belt line.

  3. Power up the back leg

    Bring your lifted leg down while you bend your back knee in preparation to push off the rubber toward home plate. Separate your pitching hand from your glove and bring it above your back shoulder.

  4. Drive to home plate

    With your glove arm pointing to home plate and your pitching hand raised above your back shoulder, push off the rubber and stride with your leading leg toward home plate.

  5. Finish the delivery

    Begin to twist your torso and bring your pitching hand forward once you have put your lead foot down. Release the ball in front of your body as you bring your back leg up off the rubber to be in line with your other leg.

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