What Does the Ping Custom Fitting Process Entail?

What Does the Ping Custom Fitting Process Entail?

A Ping golf club custom fitting process entails an interview process, static fitting, dynamic swing test and ball-flight analysis to help determine the perfect set of clubs for each individual player. There are two different levels of custom fitting through Ping, as of 2016.

The interview process includes the fitter asking questions about you like and dislike about your current golf club set. The fitter also asks what you need and prefer in a club set.

The static fitting process includes discussions about the characteristics of different club models and taking measurements needed to find the perfect golf club set. The two measurements taken during this process are your height and the distance from your wrist to the floor.

The dynamic swing test is performed with irons. The fitter watches you hit a few golf balls so that the fitter can watch and measure your setup, posture and swing. This process determines a color code that is used to determine which models best suit you. The ball-flight analysis is performed with wedges.

This process is more in-depth for level two fittings. The entire process determines the model, loft, color code, shaft length and grip of the golf clubs that best suit you and your playing style.