How Do You Pinch a Lacrosse Head?

Pinching a lacrosse head can help with ball control and prevent players from losing the ball to checks. The entire process takes about two days. You need your lacrosse stick and mesh pocket, a lacrosse ball, some string and a pot to complete the process. Ensure that you have access to a stove and freezer.

  1. Pinch the head

    Place the ball in the lacrosse head and squeeze it to get an idea of how narrow you want the head to be. After you have the desired width, use the string to tie the walls together. Maintain the shape by keeping the ball in while you tie the walls.

  2. Boil the head

    Fill the pot with water, and bring it to a boil. Put the head in the water and let it sit for approximately two minutes. The heat will help the head retain the pinched shape.

  3. Freeze the head

    Take the head out of the water and shut the stove off. Place the head in the freezer. Let it sit overnight. This helps set the plastic, and it completes the pinching process.

  4. Test the stick

    After pinching, ensure that the head fits within standard lacrosse guidelines by turning it over or upside down at a 45 degree angle. If the ball does not fall out, it may violate the rules for being too narrow.