What Are the Phases of a Gymnastics Program?


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There are five phases in a gymnastics training program: warming up, flexibility, strength training, skill sets and dance. Most of the phases may be done out of order, but the warm-up phase and flexibility training should always begin each program.

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What Are the Phases of a Gymnastics Program?
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The warm-up phase focuses on preparing the body for more specific and strenuous exercises. This phase consists of cardio, such as jump rope and jogging, as well as isolated muscle rolls from the neck down to the feet.

The flexibility phase encompasses all stretching exercises and is meant to prepare the body for gymnastic routines. The strength training deals with building muscle and balance.

The skills training finally applies to a gymnast's main routine, such as the balance beam or parallel bars. Dance is often incorporated into certain routines and is a healthy way to keep the body in alignment.

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