What Is the Perfect Score in Ten-Pin Bowling?


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The perfect score in a game of ten-pin bowling is 300. A typical session in a bowling league consists of three games, so the perfect three game series score is 900. To score 300 in a game, a player needs to score twelve consecutive strikes, which includes the standard frames, plus the two extra throws on frame ten.

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Though previously a rare accomplishment, many more people now achieve a perfect game score than before. For example, in 1952, only 198 people scored 300 in a game, according to the American Bowling Congress. By 2001, that number had increased to over 42,000. It is believed better bowling conditions and improved technology led to the upsurge.

A three-game series with a score of 900 is still much rarer. According to the USBC, there are only 24 certified three-game series 900 scores in the history of the sport. The first 900 score did not happen until 1997, achieved by a Nebraska bowler named Jeremy Sonnenfeld.

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