What Are the Parts of a Classic Wooden Sled?


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A classic wooden sled traditionally consists of a wooden base bolted onto steel runners with a single wooden steering plank at the front. In some models, the wood steering piece at the front may have two small holes drilled to accommodate a tow rope.

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The most readily visible section of these sleds is the wooden base made up of three separate, thin slats of differing lengths. These sanded and finished planks are bolted to three or four wooden cross pieces, and in turn are attached to sturdy steel runners. The wooden base and corresponding steel sections come in varying lengths to accommodate the height and age of the user.

The runners for wooden sleds extend up to the base and run the full length of the sled. Traditionally made of steel and painted red, the runners are joined at the front of the sled by a reinforced steel-tipped cross section. The runners are not joined towards the back of the sled's body.

The final key piece of the wooden sled is the steering bar at the front. This wooden piece runs through a metal crossbar that joins the tip of the sled with the middle wooden slat of the base. This important part helps push one runner ahead of the other, thus allowing the rider to steer the sled as it runs downhill.

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