How Do You Paint Your Face for a College Football Game?

paint-face-college-football-game Credit: Steve Debenport/E+/Getty Images

Once you decide the colors and design for your college football face paint, take a trip to an art supply or costume store. Supplies needed include skin-safe paints, moist wipes, soap, water, and brushes or sponges.

  1. Choose your colors

    Team colors are the obvious choice for paints, but if you have other colors in mind, decide which colors you want to choose before you go to the store. You can find skin-safe paints at art supply and costume stores. Avoid oil-based paints, which are difficult to remove and can clog pores.

  2. Create a design

    Keep your design simple by painting the team colors in neatly divided stripes on your face, or create a design that incorporates the team's mascot, team logo or your favorite player's number. Practice drawing sample designs on paper first.

  3. Choose your tools

    Decide to use either a sponge or brushes. If you use brushes, consider buying multiple sizes to allow for all-over painting and more precise drawings. Sponges cover large areas with paint more quickly. You can find sponges and brushes at art supply and costume stores.

  4. Start painting

    On a clean, dry face, apply a thin layer of one paint first. Let it dry thoroughly before you apply another color or another layer of the same color. Keep a few moist wipes nearby in case you make any mistakes. Don't touch your face when it's wet.

  5. Wash your face after the game

    After the game and festivities, give your face a good wash with soap and water.