How Do You Find Out About NHRA Rules and Regulations?


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NHRA rules and regulations are available in the official NHRA Rulebook, as of 2015. The book can be purchased from the NHRA Racer website or accessed in full online with a NHRA Membership login. Yearly Rulebook amendments are available for free at the NHRA Racer website, as well as any supplements added after the current edition was printed.

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The NHRA, or the National Hot Rod Association, is responsible for implementing rules and hosting events in North America. It has over 40,000 members, as of 2015, and it hosts five racing classes, including Top Fuel Dragster, Funny Car, Pro Stock, Pro Stock Motorcycle and Pro Modified.

Founded by Wally Parks in 1951, the NHRA began as a way to remove illegal hot rodders from the streets and give them safe, legal dragstrips on which to race. It has a large network of fans, in part due to its open pit policy, which allows fans to be present while teams work on cars and to interact with their favorite drivers.

The NHRA remains committed to safe and legal drag racing, and it embraces new technologies and safety features to keep the drivers, pit crews and fans as safe as possible. Since drag racing was officially named as a sport in 1993, the NHRA has continued to push for safety measures and fair insurance legislation for its drivers.

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