How Do You Organize a Portable Camping Kitchen?

To organize a portable camping kitchen, purchase or build a box with sections for all the necessary equipment and food for your camping trips. Assign a section of the box for each type of item, such as cookware, utensils, food that doesn't require cooling and food that does. If you plan to build a box, measure all the kitchen items you usually take on camping trips, and build a box large enough to hold everything.

Organize sections of your portable camping kitchen by item type, and organize items within those sections according to how often you use them. For example, when you place food in a cooler, put the food you eat most often at the top. One way to make this easier is planning each meal in advance so you know exactly what you need for each meal.

At your campsite, set up a cooking area, a cleaning area and a storage area. Take the foods you're going to prepare and all necessary equipment, such as a stove, pots and pans, to the cooking area. Put water and dish soap in the cleaning area, which can be a flat card table or any other clean, flat surface. Leave the rest of your portable camping kitchen in the storage area.