How Do You Organize a Car Rally?


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To organize a car rally, select the starting and finishing points, the route and the checkpoints. Other considerations include alerting the media and local communities, promoting the car rally and preparing event details ahead of time.

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The starting point of the car rally needs to be large enough to accommodate all the cars and spectators and have easy traffic access. Ideally, the spot should also have restroom facilities and food vendors. Car dealerships and diner parking lots are likely locations. The finishing point should have similar characteristics.

Next, consult a map of the area to plan the route. Look for areas of interest and places for participants to stop for food, gas or other necessitates. Run the route, and make detailed notes for directions. Likewise, set up checkpoint sites for observation of the rally cars. Checkpoints should be open 20 minutes before the first car is expected and 20 minutes after the last car has left.

Get in touch with local community leaders and the media. Both can help raise awareness for the car rally. Likewise, promote the car rally online using email campaigns and social media. Finally, plan out the details for the day of the event. Find speakers for the opening of the rally, aiming to create a show of experts on the topic. Buy pledge certificates if the rally is for a charity, and set the mood with banners, signs and other decorations.

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