How Do You Get an Oregon Campgrounds Map?

How Do You Get an Oregon Campgrounds Map?

To find maps of Oregon campgrounds, visit the Oregon State Parks and the Travel Oregon websites. Private campground chains such as KOA also offer maps of their campgrounds in the state.

To find campgrounds on the Oregon State Parks website, use the following steps.

  1. Visit the official Oregon State Parks website
  2. The State Parks site offers a comprehensive list of parks and facilities.

  3. Use the park finder feature
  4. The "Find a Park" feature offers a complete list of parks, which users can sort by activity and location.

  5. Select a location, activities and facilities
  6. Enter the nearest city and select any important activities. Check off the desired type of campsite to view camping options on the map.

To find campgrounds on the Travel Oregon website, select a region or city to search for campsites in that area. The website also offers articles recommending different kinds of camping facilities in different regions of the state.

To find private chain campground locations, visit the chain's website. KOA offers feature that allows visitors to select their destination state and view all campgrounds offered in that state, along with special events and deals that each campground offers. They can also click on a state on a map to view campground locations on the map.