How Do You Order Replacement Parts for a Quantum Reel?

Replacement parts for Quantum reels are purchased by visiting and selecting the Parts/Service option from the drop-down menu under the Customer Service tab at the top of the page. Locate the desired part using the reel's type or model number.

A customer can locate a correct replacement part for a Quantum reel by selecting the reel's model number from the drop-down menu or by selecting the model of reel from a visual list on the Parts/Service page. Models are divided into baitcast, spinning and trolling categories. Selecting one of these categories takes the customer to a visual list of the different types of reels within the category. When using the visual list of models, the customer needs to have his reel's model number available.

Once the correct model is selected, a numbered schematic for the reel is presented to assist in part selection. The numbers on the schematic correspond to the parts list at the bottom of the page. If the part is available for purchase from Quantum, it has a red Buy button next to it, and the customer can proceed with the online checkout process by selecting the number of parts required and inputting his payment and shipping information. If a part is not available online, recommends contacting customer support.