What Is the Order of the Arrow Ordeal?


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The Order of the Arrow ordeal is a challenge that must be undertaken by any Boy Scout of America who is nominated for the Order of the Arrow. Before becoming a member of the Order of the Arrow, the scout must participate in the ordeal induction, which emphasizes service and self-sacrifice. The ordeal involves a series of challenges that must be performed if the scout wants to become a member.

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The Order of the Arrow is an honor society in the Boy Scouts of America that is used to recognize older scouts who serve as examples of model scouts. Members show the virtues of cheerful service, camping and leadership. Scouts who have these virtues are nominated to become members of the Order of the Arrow. Induction requirements are first class rank or above and scout camping experience of at least 15 nights, including a six-day long term camp.

After nomination, the scout must undergo an ordeal, which involves strenuous activities meant to show commitment. The activities include undergoing a vow of silence, spending a night sleeping alone with no shelter, receiving little food and performing hard labor. Once completed, the scout becomes an ordeal member during which he can participate in the brotherhood ceremony to seal membership and emphasize the Order of the Arrow ideals and purposes.

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