What Are the Order of the Arrow Admonitions?

According to the official website of the Order of the Arrow, the National Honor Society for the Boy Scouts of America, the admonition of the order is not available to the public and is only intended to be known by those fully initiated in the order. To preserve its sanctity, the Ceremony of the Ordeal book in which the admonition is written is only available through the local council.

The Order of the Arrow is only open to those who are the best examples of the Boy Scout law and oath in their daily lives. There are a number of requirements and a lengthy process of initiation. Candidates must be registered members of the Boy Scouts, under 18 years old, of First Class rank or higher, approved by the Scoutmaster and elected by the members of their team. During the prior two-year period, they must have gone camping for at least 15 days and nights, six days of which must have been consecutive.

During the Ordeal, or induction ceremony, members keep silent, eat minimum amounts of food, sleep apart from others and work on special projects. If the member fulfils all requirements, after 10 months, he may take part in the Brotherhood Ceremony, which gives him full membership. After two years of exemplary service in the Order of the Arrow, a member is eligible for the special Vigil Honor, which is granted only to one out of 50 members of each lodge.