How Do You Operate a Scoreboard Clock?


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In most cases, operate a scoreboard by using a remote control. You must first enter the model code of the scoreboard. Depending on the sport, you are then prompted to enter the relevant information, such as shot clock time, penalty time and period time for a hockey game.

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When operating a scoreboard, you must set the period time using colons. Refrain from adding any unnecessary zeros. The horn automatically sounds when the period time has expired. To silence the horn, press Time Off. When entering numbers into the Home and Guest Score, you can input any number between 1 and 9. The number entered is added to the number currently displayed. Home and Guest Shots function in the same manner.

To start the main time, press Time On, and to stop the main time, press Time Off. The Yes key confirms functions and the No key cancels an operation. The Set button is used to set the various time features. The Horn button allows you to manually activate the horn.

As the scoreboard operator, you have control over the brightness level of the scoreboard. You can also choose from various scoreboard options that include setting certain automatic features and features you wish to control manually.

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