What Are Some Ontario Boating Regulations?


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Regulations for Ontario boating include the requirement of a Pleasure Craft Operator card, life jackets and any gear that is required for a boat of the size being used. Some of this gear may include a whistle or sound device, a bail bucket or water pump and Canadian-approved flares.

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If someone from the United States is going to take a boat into Ontario, Canada, the length of the stay will determine if he will need to show proof of his boat competency. Any stay over the length of 45 days requires proof to be given to the Canadian Department of Transport. The American resident will need to show that his permits and safety equipment meet his state regulations and not the Canadian regulations.

If visitors to the country need to borrow or rent a boat, the rules are a little different. The renter will need to have a Pleasure Craft Operator card, a completed rental safety checklist or proof of boating competency from any state agency that is registered and accredited with the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators. The checklists can be found at several of the tourism operations located across Ontario. The checklist or the Pleasure Craft Operator card must be carried the entire time the boat is in operation and needs to be carried by the person operating the boat.

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