Why Are There Only Right-Handed Hockey Sticks?

Hockey sticks are not only made for right-handed players, but are also available for left-handed people. The predominance of left- or right-handed hockey sticks depends a lot on regional preferences. Studies reveal that a majority of Canadian hockey players are left handed, and these players use right-handed hockey sticks. In the United States, there are more right-handed players, and these players prefer left-handed sticks.

Sporting goods companies ship hockey sticks according to orders they receive. Those put in charge of ordering sticks decide on left- or right-handed sticks. Someone playing hockey in an area where the majority of people have a dominant left hand might notice that local stores and facilities mostly offer right-handed sticks for play. The exact opposite happens in areas where right-handed hockey players are in the majority.

Hockey players having trouble finding left-handed sticks can find them at online shops that sell hockey equipment. Manufacturers and retailers make both types of sticks easily available for all players. Most players choose a left- or right-handed stick based on dominant hand position. The player places their dominant hand on top of the stick to achieve better control of shots. However, there are some players that prefer to place their dominant hand on the bottom of the stick for more power.