How Does One Cork an Aluminum Bat?

Corking an aluminum bat typically involves removing the contents of a pre-assembled aluminum bat to make room for the cork material. The toughest part of corking an aluminum bat is disassembling the top from the base, but with the required tools the process should take less than 20 minutes.

  1. Gather the correct materials

    Select the aluminum bat to be corked to begin the process. Obtain a screwdriver, cork material, Styrofoam and some aluminum adhesive.

  2. Empty the inside of the bat

    At the top of the aluminum bat, there is a seal that connects the shaft with the top. Remove the shaft using a screwdriver. Dump the contents of the bat top, ensuring that it is clear of any debris or material.

  3. Fill the inside with cork

    Stuff the bat top with cork, Styrofoam or other similar, lightweight substances. It is important to fill the inside of the bat as completely as possible.

  4. Connect and seal the shaft with the bat top

    When the bat is completely filled, apply aluminum adhesive to the perimeter of the bat opening and the aluminum top. Put the cap back on top of the bat, pressing firmly to ensure the bat seals properly. Allow the aluminum adhesive to dry completely before using the bat.