How Does One Become an Exhibitor in the Harrisburg Sportsman Show?

To become an exhibitor at the Harrisburg sportsman's show, called the "Great American Outdoor Show," a person or company first applies through the show's website using the Application link. The application includes basic contact information, along with a description of products and services and an explanation of the person or company's planned display. If the show has space and organizers approve the application, the person or company then completes and signs a contract and provides a certificate of insurance.

Once accepted, the exhibitor agrees to the rules of the show, including rules regulating his display and products. Exhibit booths at the show are available to companies and individuals providing products and services related to fishing, camping, hunting, shooting, boating, archery and other outdoor pursuits. Exhibitors must only display goods and services that they manufacture and/or sell in the course of their regular business. Additionally, the show does not permit campaigning or political activities, nor does it allow exhibitors to promote a particular political candidate.

Upon acceptance, exhibitors receive a list of deadlines for deposits, hotel reservations, document submission, etc. They must adhere to these deadlines, or let the organizers know of any potential delays. If the exhibitor needs to cancel and release his slot for any reason, he should refer to these deadlines to determine whether or not a full or partial refund is available.