Who Are Some Older Female Wrestlers?


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As of 2015, older female wrestlers include Keiko Nakano and Debrah Anne Miceli. Other older female wrestlers include Lisa Mary Moretti and Jacqueline DeLois Moore. All of these women were WWE world champions.

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Keiko Nakano went by the stage name Bull Nakano and joined the WWE in 1994 from her native country Japan. She was a female WWE champion and wore a distinctive mohawk hairstyle and often radical clothing. Debrah Anne Miceli went by the stage name Alundra Blayze and won three WWE Championships including against Bull Nakano.

Lisa Mary Moretti went by the stage name Ivory during her time wrestling and won at least three WWE championships. She also was part of the 1980s promotional campaigned called Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. Jacqueline DeLois Moore went by her first name on stage and played a villain wrestler. She won the WWE Championship in the late 1990s.

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