What Is the OHL Network?

What Is the OHL Network?

The OHL Network is the governing body for the Ontario Hockey League, a junior hockey league for players ages 16 to 20. The OHL is one of three junior hockey leagues that make up the Canadian hockey league. The league has proven popular and successful in Canada, and many games are broadcast on television or radio.

The OHL Network governs a roster of 20 teams, 17 Canadian teams and three American. The teams are comprised of high school and college students who receive scholarships for playing in the league. The league is divided into four conferences: East, Central, Midwest and West, with five teams in each division.

The Ontario Hockey League was founded in 1892, and in 1933, became the Ontario Hockey Junior A and Junior B teams. In 1970, the league became the Ontario Major Junior Hockey League. In 1980, the league was renamed Ontario Hockey League.

The OHL teams play 68 games a season. Because the team is made up of students, games are primarily scheduled Thursday through Sunday. The season schedule is designed not to interfere with students' exam schedules.

The OHL season runs late September through March. At the end of the season, the league has a playoff schedule beginning with 16 teams. The overall winner of the playoffs represents the OHL against the three other leagues to play for the Memorial Cup.

The OHL Network governs league activity including scholarship and scheduling guidelines and creating or modifying rules and overseeing priority player selection each year.