What Are the Official Rules of Kickball?


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The official kickball rules derive from the World Adult Kickball Association and are published on its website, Kickball.com. Kickball is played by two teams with the object of scoring the most runs in five innings. The opposing team rolls a ball to the active player, which the player kicks and then advances to first base or further if possible.

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What Are the Official Rules of Kickball?
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After kicking and making it to a base, the player remains at the base until the preceding player kicks the ball. If the opposing team catches the player before he makes it to first base or catches the ball in mid-air, then the player is out. The player may make it to second or third base or even home if the opposing team does not retrieve the ball and beat the player to the base.

After the subsequent player kicks, the first player run to second or third base or home, depending on how quickly the team gets the ball and reacts to getting it by tagging the player or the next base. Once three team members have been tagged, game play switches and players who were kicking switch places with the opposing team, who then kicks the ball until they receive three "outs." The total number of runs determines the winner of the game.

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