What Are Some Official Little League Rules?


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Some Little League members use a continuous batting order, meaning that once the lineup is set, the order of the batters may not change. If one of the players gets hurt, sick or ejected while at-bat, the player is substituted with either the most recent out of the inning or with the runner who scored the most recent run. That player assumes the batting count of the substituted player.

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If there are no outs or if no runs have been scored in the inning, then the final batter from the previous inning takes the injured player's place. If the injury occurs in the first inning and no outs or runs have been recorded, then the next player in the batting order assumes the count of the injured player.

Little League uses a smaller field than regular baseball, with the distance between bases only 60 feet, compared to 90 feet in regular baseball. The size of the bases are also smaller than in regular baseball, measuring in at 14 by 14 inches, compared to 15 by 15 inches. The strike zone is larger in Little League, as the strike zone tops out at the armpits. Little League also uses a mercy rule in which a game ends if one team is up by 10 runs once the game becomes official.

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