What Is the NWCA National Duals?

What Is the NWCA National Duals?

Each year, the National Wrestling Coaches Association sponsors the NWCA Duals between the top national college wrestling teams. The tournament promotes awareness of college wrestling and raises funds to support NWCA training programs.

The NWCA invites a total of 16 teams to play in eight regional National Duals based on the top point winners in the previous season. Participation in the event is optional. Teams that participate consider the tournament good preparation for the NCAA national tournament.

The event attracts large crowds drawn to the opportunity to see the competition between the best wrestlers in each weight class, making the NWCA Duals the most popular event in college wrestling.

In February 2015, the Missouri Tigers won the 2015 National Duals Finals championship held in Iowa City, Iowa. The Big Ten Network broadcast the event live. Past National Duals title winners include Oklahoma State, Minnesota, Iowa, Penn State, Cornell and Iowa State.

Based on the popularity of the National Duals, in 2015 some NWCA members proposed making it the major college wrestling event, over the national championships. Since its founding in 1928, the NWCA has overseen coaching development and promotion of college wresting. The proceeds from the event help its 10,000 members provide education and coaching support to 230,000 students each year.