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Reports of ninjas in armor vary. The CIA's analysis described ninjas as wearing black clothing with chain mesh armor hidden underneath, along with shin and arm guards and hoods reinforced in metal. There is some evidence that light protective armor existed, but little to support the claim that ninjas wore it. Depictions of famous ninjas dressed them in samurai armor instead.

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Ninjas dressed entirely in black and wrapped their heads in a black turban that covered their mouths and jaws. When traveling, they further obscured their identities by wearing a hood with small holes to see through. Some wore cloaks with long sleeves that ended in gauntlets and kept their pants tied above the ankle. Their socks and sandals were black as well. Their clothes had hidden pockets that stored ropes and hooks, a stone pen, medical and food pills, flint, a towel and whatever else they might need.

Ninjas used a wide variety of weapons. Traditionally, they carried swords with a hidden compartment in the scabbard that held poisonous dust or blinding powder that could be flung into someone's face. Another common tool was the shuriken, a small weapon that can be hurled accurately up to 30 feet. Ninjas typically carried about nine of these, either in the form of metal knives or throwing disks.

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