What Was the NFL Mock Draft for Round 7?


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A mock draft is a prediction of the NFL draft based on which players the writer believes each team plans to select prior to the actual draft. A seven-round mock draft is rare, because it includes almost 300 picks and is tough to accurately predict, especially for the seventh round.

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While some mock draft authors require the reader to pay, such as ESPN.com's Todd McShay or Mel Kiper, Jr., many amateur websites such as WalterFootball offer free mock drafts every year. Typically, a mock draft includes a brief explanation as to why the author believes a team intends to select a certain player, usually based on the team's needs or coach's tendencies.

As the first round is much more predictable and popular than later rounds, it normally includes more insight than that of the seventh round, which is more akin to a series of guesses. Another reason the seventh round is unpredictable is because there are typically so many trades throughout the draft that the draft order changes vastly between the start of the draft and the finish. Almost every major sports news publication has its own yearly mock draft, so there is no definitive mock draft that stands above the rest.

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