What Are Some Facts About NFL Football Teams?

What Are Some Facts About NFL Football Teams?

Two teams have a short-term joint history, the St. Louis Rams are in their third city, and the Arizona Cardinals are in their fourth city. The Oakland Raiders are the only NFL team that moved and returned to its original city.

The Philadelphia Eagles and Pittsburgh Steelers fielded a joint team in 1943, as many of their players were drafted during World War II. The joint NFL team was named the Steelers-Eagles but informally called the Steagles,

The St. Louis Rams began as the Cleveland Rams of the American Football League in 1936 and moved to the National Football League in 1937. The Rams played in Cleveland until they moved to Los Angeles for the 1947 season. The team moved to nearby Anaheim, California in 1979 and St. Louis in 1995.

The Arizona Cardinals' franchise began in 1898 and was a charter NFL club in Racine, Illinois. The team became the Chicago Cardinals in 1922, moved to St. Louis in 1960 and to Phoenix in 1988.

The Green Bay Packers got their name after the owner of the Acme Packing Company, a meat-packing business, received an NFL franchise in 1921. The Packers became a community-owned team in 1923.

The Oakland Raiders formed as an American Football League team in 1960 and became an NFL team in 1970 after the two leagues merged. Oakland moved to Los Angeles in 1982 and returned to Oakland in 1995.