What Do You Need to Do to Hunt?


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To get started hunting, you should attend a hunter safety course, attend a hunting trip with an experienced hunter, check on your state's hunting license requirements and read and understand the rules of basic firearm safety. The next step is to practice using a gun at the range.

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Before purchasing a gun, practice with borrowed guns until you figure out what type of firearm works best for you. If you do not have friends or family to shoot with, you can go to a range that offers gun rental or loaners. Most beginning hunters start with a gun instead of a bow and arrow because guns are easier to use and are more effective.

The next step is to find a local area that allows hunting. Before hunting season begins, you may want to walk around and get a feel for the terrain. Seek out signs of the animals you plan to hunt. Before going on your first hunting trip, purchase any licenses or permits you may require.

Purchase hunting items, including a quality knife, comfortable clothing and footwear, a length of light rope and a gun. Start by trying to track small game, such as a rabbit. This allows you to practice your hunting skills without committing to hunting a large creature.

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