What Are the NCAA Men's Basketball RPI Rankings As of June 2015?


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The top 20 NCAA men's basketball Ratings Percentage Index rankings in descending order are Duke, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Arizona, Kansas, Villanova, Virginia, Gonzaga, North Carolina, Notre Dame, UNI, Wichita State, Utah, Maryland, Michigan State, Iowa State, Baylor, SMU, Louisville and Oklahoma. These rankings are current as of May 2015.

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Duke, number one in the current RPI rankings, defeated Wisconsin, number two, to win the NCAA championship in 2015. The Atlantic Coast Conference has the most teams – five – in the top 20, while the Big 12 has the second most with four teams.

As of 1981, the RPI rankings have been used by committee members as additional data to help select at large bids and to seed participating NCAA tournament teams. Until the 2005-2006 season, the NCAA kept the RPI rankings confidential, only available by tourney selection officials.

Three factors go into computing the RPI rankings: team winning percentage, team strength of schedule and opponents' strength of schedule. Factor one, the team winning percentage, comprises 25 percent of the RPI rankings, in which home wins are weighted 0.6, neutral wins count 1, road wins count 1.4, road losses count -0.6, neutral losses count -1 and home losses count -1.4. The team's winning percentage (strength of schedule) is 50 percent of the RPI rankings and is computed excluding non Division I opponents. The third factor, the opponents' opponents' winning percentage (the opponents' strength of schedule), comprises 25 percent of the RPI rankings.

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