What Is the NCAA Basketball Record for Fewest Points Scored in a Half?

ncaa-basketball-record-fewest-points-scored-half Credit: Patrik Giardino/Blend Images/Getty Images

The fewest points scored in one half of a men's Division I basketball game is four. This record was set by the Northern Illinois men's basketball team in January 2013 in a game against Eastern Michigan. The record for fewest points in an entire men's Division I game is held by St. Louis, which scored just 20 points during a January 2008 game.

In addition to setting a not-so-honorable record with their 2013 game against Eastern Michigan, the new low score actually beat out a previous record that had also been set by Northern Illinois. Earlier in the 2012-13 season, the Huskies only managed to score five points in the first half of a game against Dayton. In both instances, though, the team managed to turn the game around at least a little bit by the end, losing 42-25 to Eastern Michigan and 60-43 to Dayton.