What Are Names of Gymnastics Moves?

Names of gymnastic moves include Yurchenko, handspring front, release, blind change, punch front, tumbling pass and double-full. Many of these moves, and other gymnastics moves, are event-specific; advanced tricks used for the balance beam, for instance, differ from those gymnasts use on the floor and vault, with the exception of basic skills like back handsprings. In addition to these skills, gymnastics has a set of basic body moves, such as the arch, pike and salto, say experts at the University of Michigan.

On the vault, the Yurchenko is one of the most common moves, say authors at the University of Michigan. For this vault, gymnasts approach the apparatus with a round-off onto the spring board, followed by a flic-flac onto the vault. They dismount using one of several techniques, which might be a layout or a twist, which might range from a full to a double twist.

For the bars, the kip and giant are two basic moves. In a kip, gymnasts transition from the low to high bar. They swing around the bar in a giant, with their bodies in a layout position.

Gymnasts might start their balance beam routines with a punch front, which is a forward flip onto the beam. In a layout step-out, they perform an elongated back layout with split legs.

On the floor, gymnasts create routines with tumbling passes, which include a series of elements. Most transitions include a back handspring, which connects passes and is a common move.