What Are Some Names of Guns?

Some categories of common personal firearms include the handgun, rifle and shotgun. There are many different types of guns, as the term can apply to almost any device that shoots a projectile or substance through some sort of barrel. There are also many non-lethal guns, such as water guns, bean bag guns, air rifles and BB guns.

Manufacturers design personal firearms for a single user to carry and operate. Handguns include all types of pistols and revolvers. The long gun category of firearms is a broad category that includes guns with long barrels, such as rifles, shotguns and muskets, all of which can be divided into further subcategories. Machine guns are capable of automatic fire. They include the submachine gun, Gatling gun and minigun.

Larger guns, often intended for military use, include howitzers, cannons, carronades, field guns, tank guns and anti-aircraft guns.

Some examples of non-lethal guns, used mostly for recreational purposes, include water guns, Nerf guns, paintball guns, BB guns and products from Airsoft.

There are also guns with specialized uses, such as flare guns, that produce rescue signals for people stranded in isolated locations.

Famous manufacturers of guns include Benelli Armi SpA, Beretta, Browning Arms Company, Colt's Manufacturing Company, Heckler & Koch, O.F. Mossberg and Sons, Remington Arms and Smith & Wesson.