What Are the Names of Ballet Dance Moves Which Involve Leaps and Turns?

In ballet terminology, a leap is called a grand jeté and a turn is called a pirouette. These are the most common names for turns and leaps, but others include entrechat, carbiole, assemblé, chaînés and piqué.

In ballet, leaps fall under the classification of allegro. They are meant to be done lightly and smoothly. When a grand jeté is performed, the legs are thrown apart as the dancer leaps into the air. For the most effective results, many leaps are preceded by movements like glissades or coupés. These help the dancer to achieve the highest elevation.

The most common ballet turn is the pirouette. A pirouette is a complete rotation of the body and can be performed in a variety of different positions. When a dancer spins towards the supporting leg, the pirouette is en dedans (inward), and when the dancer spins away from the supporting leg, the pirouette is en dehors (outward).