Does Muhammad Ali Have Any Daughters?

As of 2014, Muhammad Ali has seven daughters, Maryum, Jamillah, Rasheda, Hana, Laila, Miya and Khaliah. He also has two sons, Muhammad Ali, Jr. and Asaad Amin.

As of 2014, Muhammad Ali is married to Yolanda Williams. They married in 1986 and adopted a son, Asaad Amin. Ali has been married three other times. He married his first wife, Sonji Roi, in 1964, and they had no children. He married his second wife, Belinda Boyd, in 1967, and they had four children: Maryum, Muhammad Jr. and twins Jamillah and Rasheda. Ali married his third wife, Veronica Porsche, in 1977, and they had two daughters, Hana and Laila. He also had daughters Miya and Khaliah as a result of extramarital affairs.