How Much Do WWE Superstars Get Paid?

WWE stars typically have annual salaries ranging between $52,000 and over $1 million, although some earn considerably more, and many supplement their base incomes with bonuses and ancillary pay, as stated by Forbes. Generally, contracts with organizations provide WWE stars the majority of their income. These contracts range in duration; some may last as little as 1 year, while others remain valid for 5 or more.

With WWE salaries, like those in other professions, wrestlers may have opportunities to increase their pay, and occasionally pay rates decline too. Wrestlers who suffer injuries or miss certain amounts of time from performances and live appearances during their careers may receive deductions in their payrolls.

In addition to signing contracts with companies, WWE stars make income through several routes. They can add significant amounts of money to their base salaries through ring appearances. Such is the case with WWE star Paul Levesque, who earned just over $1 million from his base salary and just under $2 million from ring performances, notes Forbes. Other top-earning stars in the sport include Brock Lesnar, who earns as much as $5 million annually. Other wrestlers may earn well into the seven figures. In addition to the wrestlers, WWE executives can earn significant amounts of money.