How Much Does a Sumo Wrestler Weigh?

much-sumo-wrestler-weigh Credit: Frank Carter/Lonely Planet Images/Getty Images

Professional Japanese sumo wrestlers weigh 148 kilograms on average. Wrestlers in sumo schools eat two large meals a day consisting of chankonabe, a meat, fish and vegetable stew, rice and beer to help achieve this weight.

Sumo wrestling tournaments are divided into weight classes, such as lightweight for up to 85 kg, middleweight for up to 115 kg and heavyweight for over 115 kg.

The sumo lifestyle can lead to many negative health effects. Excessive weight often leads to diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis and heart attacks. The high amount of alcohol the wrestlers are encouraged to drink increases their risk of liver disease, meaning the average life expectancy of a sumo wrestler is 60 to 65 years.