How Much Do NBA Cheerleaders Get Paid?

much-nba-cheerleaders-paid Credit: Christian Petersen/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

National Basketball Association cheerleaders are either volunteers or earn about $50 to $100 per game as of 2010. With 41 NBA games in a season, a cheerleader makes a maximum of $4,100 for the season.

Based on the low pay rate, professional cheerleaders are strongly encouraged to have other sources of income in addition to cheering. However, being an NBA cheerleader requires a significant amount of time. The squads practice several times a week and arrive several hours before games for more practice. They sometimes attend charity events and camps without being paid.

Cheerleaders for professional football are paid similarly. As of 2014, the cheerleaders for the San Diego Chargers make $75 per home game. They also receive two game tickets and one parking pass.