How Much Do the Different Models of Raleigh Bikes Cost?

How Much Do the Different Models of Raleigh Bikes Cost?

As of 2015, models of a few popular Raleigh City men's bikes include the Wilder, Harlan and Haskell that range from $499.99 to $649.99. Popular bikes tailored to women from the Classics line include the Gala, Superbe and Prim, ranging in price from $449.99 to $549.99.

While the Classics releases are inspired by the appearance of Raleigh models of the past, Around Town models are designed for longer, frequent rides. Bikes include the Redux 1, Tripper, Furley, Redux 3 and Roper models that range from $599.99 to $949.99 each.

Suitable for shorter, casual rides on nearby streets and bike paths, the smaller Neighborhood models are priced from $279.99 to $549.99. Some popular neighborhood models include both Men's and Women's Venture, Venture 3.0 Venture 4.0, Special and Special 3.0 models.

The brand's Ebikes feature an electrical batter for easier, quicker trips and better handling of inclines and hills. Ebike models include the Sprite IE, Route IE, Detour iE Step-Through and Sprint IE that range from $2,099.99 to $3,449.99.

A number of Youth boys and girls bikes are also available, including the Lil Push 12, Jazzi 20, MXR 16, Rowdy 20 and Lily 20 models; they are currently priced from $149.99 to $279.99.