How Do You Mount a Scope on a Weaver Base?

How Do You Mount a Scope on a Weaver Base?

To mount a scope on a Weaver base, lay the base on top of the receiver, ensuring that holes of the base fall on the corresponding slots of the receiver. Tighten the rings over the base precisely. Then, lay the scope in place on the space provided in rings.

The most common scope mounting system is the Weaver style, which uses a base and rings. Basically, the scope should be mounted twice before using. At first, assemble it lightly just to make sure that everything fits.

Next, use screws to lock everything in place. The bases may be one or two pieces. The placement of rings offers the widest support to scope, and the rings can be detached from the base while the scope is still in place. The scope can be reinstalled on any other firearm, and changing scopes for different purposes is common need for firearm users.

Firearm users can also mount scopes properly with the help of scope mounting kits. Varieties of kits are available along with instructional kits to help with mounting the scope. The tools and accessories in the kit are fit for the precision mounting of a scope, even for beginners.

The importance of a properly mounted scope to the hunting experience cannot be overemphasized. It is also important for firearm users to understand how different mounting systems operate.