How Do You Mold a Football Mouthpiece?

To mold a football mouthpiece, submerge the mouthpiece in boiling water, remove the mouthpiece with a fork, dip it in cool water, place it in your mouth to form, submerge it again in boiling water, then place it back in your mouth. Let it sit in cool water for two minutes.

  1. Boil a pot of water

    Get a small pot, and fill it with water. Boil the pot of water on the stove. While the waiting for the pot to boil, fill a second small pot with cool tap water.

  2. Place the mouthpiece in the boiling water

    After the pot on the stove starts to boil, submerge the mouthpiece in the pot for approximately 30 seconds. Remove the mouthpiece with a fork, tongs, or another kitchen utensil.

  3. Place the mouthpiece in cool water

    Dip the mouthpiece in the cool water for about two to three seconds. Keep the first pot of water boiling.

  4. Place mouthpiece in your mouth

    Before the mouthpiece hardens, fully insert the mouthpiece in your mouth, ensuring that your back teeth are covered. Firmly bite down on the mouthpiece to get an imprint of your teeth. Adjust the mouthpiece so that it fits tightly around your teeth; use your fingers if necessary.

  5. Place mouthpiece back in the boiling water

    Place the mouthpiece back in the boiling water for three to four seconds, holding it by the strap.

  6. Place mouthpiece back in your mouth

    Fully insert the mouthpiece back in your mouth, and bite down. Remember to ensure that your back teeth are covered.

  7. Submerge mouthpiece in cool water

    Take the mouthpiece out, and run it under cold water from the faucet. Submerge the mouthpiece in the cold water and let it sit from about two to three minutes.

  8. Trim any uncomfortable spots

    Place the mouthpiece back in your mouth. Note any uncomfortable or sharp spots, and trim those with scissors.