What Are Some Modern Groups That Follow a Hunter-Gatherer Lifestyle?


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Some of the present-day hunter gatherer societies that still exist as of 2015 include the Hadza of Tanzania, the Tsimane of Bolivia, the San of Namibia, the Piraha of Brazil and the Sentinelese of India. Other present-day hunter gatherer groups include the Spinifex people of Australia, Africa's Kalahari tribe and the Batak people of the Philippines.

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The majority of the world's remaining hunter gatherer societies are found in South America and Africa, with Australia's Spinifex people being one of the only exceptions. This group of people is also known as Pila Nguru and lives in the Great Victoria Desert. The group remained mostly unknown until Christian missionaries began exploring the area in the early 1900s.

The Sentinelese people of India's Andaman Islands are believed to be one of the last primitive or stone age societies left in the world to retain its own independent existence. This tribe is very protective of its islands, with members frequently firing arrows at any would-be visitors that get too close to the island.

The Kalahari tribesmen, who live in Africa's Kalahari Desert, are notable for their continued use of persistence hunting, which is the oldest form of hunting known to man. This technique involves tribal members chasing down their prey on foot for several hours, until the animal is finally exhausted and collapses, after which they kill it with a wooden spear.

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