What Are Minnesota's DNR Deer Hunting Regulations?


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As of 2015, Minnesota's Department of Natural Resources restricts deer hunting season from September 19 to December 31 for archery hunters, from November 21 to November 29 for firearm hunters and from November 28 to December 13 for muzzleloader hunters. Hunters must purchase deer hunting licenses, and they are restricted to hunting in either the 100, 200, 300 or 601 zones. The state enforces deer bag limits for each season and separates antlered and antlerless deer into different hunting classes.

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Minnesota also sets a number of restrictions on hunting methods. Hunting deer with any liquid or solid food product bait, including grains, nuts, fruits, vegetables or hay, is illegal and may result in a one- to three-year hunting license acquisition ban. Other regulations include antler point restrictions, which state that a deer must have a minimum of four antler points on one side to be hunted.

Deer license and site tags are another important aspect of hunting in Minnesota. At the site of the kill, a hunter must fill out a site tag and attach it to the deer before transporting the animal away from the hunting area. All deer that are tagged must be registered at either a walk-in station, on the telephone or on the Internet. This registration regulation applies for archers, firearm hunters and muzzleloader hunters.

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