What Is Mike Tyson's Fastest Knockout?

mike-tyson-s-fastest-knockout Credit: AFP/AFP/Getty Images

Mike Tyson's fastest knockout was against Marvis Frazier, when Tyson won in just 30 seconds. The fight took place on July 26, 1986. It was Tyson's 25th fight and win since the start his career, having never lost at that point.

His next four fastest knockouts all occurred in 1985. His second-quickest knockout was against Robert Colay on Oct. 25, when he won in 37 seconds. Tyson knocked out Rick Spain in 38 seconds on June 20. A few months later, he knocked out Mike Johnson in 39 seconds. His fifth-fastest knockout was against Mark Young, towards the end of that year. That fight lasted 50 seconds. Tyson retired with 44 career knockouts.