How Do You Mend a Puncture With a Bike Tire Repair Kit?


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Mending a puncture is easily done using a bike tire repair kit and an air pump. Your repair kit should contain tube patches, sandpaper or metal scraper, tire lever and a tube of glue.

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  1. Inspect tire

    Remove the wheel from the bike and inspect the outer surface and remove any sharp objects sticking into the treads.

  2. Deflate and remove the tire tube

    To deflate the tire, remove the valve cap and press on the valve stem using the tire lever. When fully deflated, choose a section of the tire that is away from the valve, and use the longer end of the tire lever to pry the bead of the tire up and over the edge of the rim. Use your finger to unseat the rest of the bead from the rim. Remove the inflatable tube from beneath the tire by pulling the valve stem out through the rim first.

  3. Inspect the tube

    Slightly inflate the tube and listen for a hissing sound to indicate where the puncture is. For small leaks, pass the tube close to your eyes or submerge it in water and check for bubbles.

  4. Patch the tube.

    Select an appropriate size patch for the hole. Use the sandpaper or scraper to buff the area around the puncture. Apply the rubber cement around the area, spread it into a thin film, and let it dry. Peel the patch from the foil and press it firmly onto the tube.

  5. Put the tube and tire back on

    Starting with the valve, return the tube onto the rim then put the tire over it. Inflate it slowly and then reinstall the wheel back onto the bike.

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