What Are Some of the Most Memorable Superbowl Commercials?

What Are Some of the Most Memorable Superbowl Commercials?

A 1979 Coca-Cola commercial with Pittsburgh Steeler "Mean" Joe Greene is among the most memorable commercials aired during Super Bowl broadcasts. It featured a boy handing Greene a Coke, with Greene responding by throwing his uniform jersey to the boy.

In 1984, Apple introduced its Macintosh computer by using the theme of George Orwell's book "1984." A face on a large screen, depicting Orwell's Big Brother character, speaks to people as a woman dashes in and destroys the screen with a sledgehammer.

Also in 1984, Wendy's presented its "Where's the Beef?" commercial. Clara Peller spoke the line as she looked at a fast-food hamburger with a small beef patty.

Budweiser used its famous Clydesdales in a 2002 commercial that honored those who died in the World Trade Center attacks four months earlier. The Clydesdales genuflected toward Ground Zero in the advertisement.

Long-time basketball rivals Larry Bird and Magic Johnson teamed for a McDonald's commercial in 1994. In the commercial, Bird and Johnson competed in a shooting contest for a Big Mac.

Volkswagen aired one of the most watched videos, which garnered more than 60 million views online, in 2011. In it, a child dressed in a Darth Vader costume attempts to use "the Force" against household objects. His father's car responds by starting due to its remote starter.